Day 5

ImageSo firstly i would like to say that i did not take this photo, just copied this in as i regrettably didn’t have my camera!! 😦

So today as you might have guessed from the picture i managed to get out and about in the area. One of the girls took me out around the valley to Les Gets which is the next ski resort along from morzine were we reckied a walking route for potential guests. Being over 1000 mt above sea level, hiking up a mountain was quite the effort! Getting to the top though was so worth it for the view that greeted me. There it was, Mt Blanc in all its glory! What can i say, absolutely stunning!

So once we had gotten our selfs back down the mountain we then took a drive back over to les gets and spent some quality chill time at one of the near by lakes. The water was soo cold but on a hot day like it was today it was just what the doctor ordered!! It was only later on when back at the villa that i discovered that for all my chilling i had gotten myself some ruby red tan lines which are now bloody killing me!

This evening saw the first BBQ of the season with some tasty grub on the menu, delish! Anyway thats all for today, more adventures to come tomorrow!

Day 4

Change over day, wow this is hard work and boy do i wish i’d been able to have some time off before flying out! I know it doesnt seem like a lot but changing over 3 rooms plus doing all the other host duties on my first week is bloody hard work. Anyhow im done for the morning now and im having a much needed break for a few hours before going back in tonight and then hitting my bed very hard when i get home!.

I know walking home sometimes back home always seemed like a bummer but I cant complain here, the views plus the current weather are stunning. With it being so nice out there i thought id have a quick wander around with the old camera and take a few snaps. Enjoy! ImageImageImage

Day 3

Well what beautiful weather there is in Morzine now. It is lovely and warm and long may it stay this way as for once in my life i might actually come home with a half decent tan! The weather changes so quickly in the mountains. One min it can be was warm as anything and the next a storm will be brewing over the next mountain. Mehh what can i say, its france!

So my break in between shifts saw me getting back in to my tennis gear and having a few ralleys with the other guys. Little bit rusty but gimme a few weeks and i shall be in my pro form again! (i wish). So tomorrow sees my first change over as the group of 5 cyclists are flying home tomorrow and there shall be another family replacing them along with the group of artists staying currently.

Thats it for today, i’m off out for a few drinks with the others. Yay the boss is buying!! 🙂Image

Day 2

So day 2 and my first proper day in Morzine all done! Today was the first proper day on the job which meant getting up to speed on everything in the chalets. As a chalet host, this means, helping the chef out, laying and clearing the tables for service, organizing stock, cleaning and being a direct host and point of contact with the guests. For a first day I think i have done pretty well and am so glad that I have previous experience of working in restaurants to help me on my way. On another note, today was also my first day of driving on a french road. It feels soo weird driving on this side of the road and in a much bigger car than im used to but im sure i will get used to it!

A few downers to the day would be the absolutely shit weather that we’ve had and the very disappointing Lions result that was painfully watched in the pub 😦

That’s all for today, laterz y’all!

Day 1 Chapter 1


So chapter 1 page one here goes.  Everything is moving so fast and it feels so strange. Only 2 days ago I was still at Tante Marie and was looking forward to graduating. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever have a family like I now do at Tante Marie. They have taught me so so much and completely change my life and I already miss them like crazy. Morzine is such a change from being 30 mins from London. This place truly is beautiful and as tired as I am now I can’t wait to get into the swing of things here. On the other side of things, it is now less than 10 weeks till I am going to be back in the UK, I have a feeling this is going to go so fast! That’s all for now as I’m off to get some much needed sleep, tomorrow is where it’s all going to kick off so until then, night.